Successful Dating App — and finding partners online — are no longer taboo in society and have become very common all over the world.  say they met online. This is a big business, the market is expected to continue to grow and  $8.4 billion by 2024.

Our 2021 Dating App Guide is available and . We’ve also prepared some additional tips, which you can read below, for marketers looking to get into the very exciting dating app industry.

Successful Dating App Marketing Strategy

Focus on ASO

ASO, or App Store Optimization, is very important to ensure that your app can be found in app stores, especially by the target audience. Dating apps are a very competitive app category, therefore the determining factor for success is a good first impression and ensuring that your app will show up in users’ search results for dating apps.

Here are five main focus areas when implementing ASO.

  • Include keywords (your dating and niche) into your app name
  • Add keywords to your app description
  • Localize content for best results
  • Using primary and secondary app categories to reach more users
  • Include screenshots and other useful images to attract organic installs

How to Do Successful Dating App Marketing in 2023You also need to encourage satisfied customers to leave reviews of your app in the app store, so that users have another reason review  to install the app. For example, you could ask users to rate your app after successfully matching a certain number of users, to ensure that the most active users are also promoting your product.

Explore Customized Event Tracking

Micro-moments are the times where you can engage users in key events in the user journey. These are the moments when we turn on a device — often a smartphone — to perform an action out of need or desire.

Moments like: “I want to know”, “I want to go”, “I want to buy” and “I want to do” are driven by a strong desire and need to be acted upon immediately.

Try to identify moments like these in your app. How does this relate to the things that are done in your application? ‘I want to connect’ — maybe you can track the moment a user first messaged a potential match. Do users who successfully Anastasiadate  message within the first 24 hours then use the app for a longer time?

With information like this, you can identify valuable users and encourage users who haven’t taken much advantage of features back into your app and do more in your app. You can set up custom events from the Adjust dashboard.

The user journey will be more complex if you monetize your dating app through subscription plans. Subscription Attribution Adjust provides access to additional events, so you can easily track the customer journey — and the revenue earned. You can see when:

  • The user has started the trial.
  • User conversion occurs after trial.
  • Users subscribe with discount offers.
  • Users are having problems paying for subscription plans
  • Subscription plans renew — or they don’t.

Set up Lookalike Audiences – Successful Dating App

By leveraging the ‘good user’ criteria, you can optimize your campaigns for long-term success, such as tracking behavior patterns and accurately calculating LTV. For example, with , you can segment your audience using Adjust data. In this way, you can set up lookalike audiences and develop the most successful results.
By using data for existing users in segmenting and targeting properly, you can reduce costs and get better results. Acquired users are also more likely to commit to using your app for a longer duration and undergo conversion to paid and subscribed users.

Tools That Can Help Achieve Your Goals

Create The Perfect Push Notification – Successful Dating App

Regardless of how perfect your creative is, your push notifications will be of little use if the user hasn’t given their consent to receive push notifications. However,  of users return to using the app within 30 days of giving consent for push notifications. Therefore, trying to persuade users to give consent is very important.

Building a relationship with the user is more useful than sending a default approval request to a new user. They need to trust your product and know that you won’t abuse access to push notifications.

You also need to ask for approval in a timely manner so that users don’t refuse to give consent for push notifications. Noteworthy is that the approval message is not customizable on iOS, but you can create your own splash screen.

You can take this as an opportunity to share your most persuasive creative, share why users would benefit by agreeing to push notifications. You can take advantage of various tools to do this, for example .

Fighting Bots – Successful Dating App

We’ve discussed the dangers that — but off-the-shelf bots like these also target dating apps. Without proper technical know-how, fraudsters can compromise your platform with bots, frustrating users and making them vulnerable to cybercrime.

Fake accounts are automatically created in large numbers, such accounts are often used to share spam links to illegal or pornographic websites. Things like this can ruin the user experience.

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You can find more information on the amount of financial loss due to ‘love scams’ in , but the message is clear: behavioral biometric bot detection is the gold standard for bot fraud prevention.

Using a variety of sensor data,  machine learning model can analyze very complex combinations of biometric indicators that make it difficult for fraudsters. And by separating the patterns and behavior of real users from imposters, you can ensure that your users are protected.


Adjust has launched its 2021 Dating App Marketing Guide which provides all the information you need to succeed in this highly competitive industry, providing practical information on how to target and retain users.

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