I have buddies and, like everyone who has them, The Best Women I naturally listen to slightly digested conclusions about women – those modern, fashionable, who can speak at least one foreign language. Usually, these male conversations lead to the conclusion that getting to know people is perverse, because we are all in layers and only in a few cases do we gain from tearing them off. Much more often, people who seemed strange seem even worse after a long while, and those who were classified as normal come out of sewn fears, aching scars covered with a layer of primer and questions that return like a boomerang.

If, after this introduction, you think that this is a text about DilMil.co women being evil, then you are wrong. This is a text about women not being good enough – especially for themselves.

In the last twenty or so years, women have been taught everything. They heard that they could become scientists, managers and politicians. They learned that they mature faster than boys and develop more efficiently. Their self-confidence was bolstered by the belief that they were multi-tasking, and the world shrank so much that they felt that whatever they wanted was at their fingertips, as long as they worked hard enough and smart enough. It is thanks to this that they statistically achieved more than their mothers.

Only at the same time, they were not taught how important their needs are, because you don’t talk about sex, relationships, and children. At first they are too small for that, and suddenly they become too big. This topic is always out of the way and it doesn’t matter that it will accompany you throughout your life like a soundtrack in a movie, and it is better that it energizes than grinds, pisses off and puts you in a depressed mood. Having no other role models, women most often adopt the attitudes of their parents.

The Best Women Are SelfishAll those Polish mothers who shook their tails, because that’s what a woman should do, tried to cook, wash and clean better, and gave up their own goals for something more important. – for love. Because the woman is sacrificing herself. He loves quietly and does not really count on reciprocity. The woman is busy, tired, underestimated, and since she gives so much, she also deserves a lot. This is how one of the many variations on the Stockholm syndrome is created in the light version and the glass skyscrapers in the background.

Thanks to this, entering adulthood by an average girl means finding herself in a world where she does not know where the top and bottom are, and in which she has to move, constrained by social dictates and prohibitions. At school, the girls diligently did their homework without thinking if it made sense. After graduating from school, they equally thoughtlessly assume that happiness is added to the wedding dress for free. Alternatively, they find that they don’t give a shit and they won’t make their mothers’ mistakes, so each of their relationships is a never-ending war for influence, domination and showing that they won’t surrender and prefer to live with a cat, dog, or guinea pig rather than a guy.

For men, this means choosing between women like ” I’ll give you everything ” and “I’ll take everything from you.” In the middle there is no place for the attitude: “I will only give you what I want to give and I will take what I need.” As a result, dating boils down to meeting blown eggs – girls who, DilMil according to the law, can take a mortgage, go to Las Vegas and get married, and get life imprisonment for multiple murders, and at the same time they are paralyzed by the problem: “What will he think if I’ll talk to you first? ”.

Clap, clap. Let us welcome a strong and independent woman of the 21st century.

Such a curiosity. What do women write to me in e-mails? They ask what the guy wants. Should I wear high heels or airmaxy? If he turned out to be a complete idiot, what to do to make him notice it and come back? All this is watered with a dose of questions about whether to purr or scream in bed. How should they look and behave in order fine?

My answer is: How do you like it.

Egoism has poor PR in Poland, because the People’s Republic of Poland taught that social parasites take care of themselves. A good man is one who is a cog in a machine, and an egoist makes that machine break down. Selfishness in a relationship is even worse, because your first goal should be to sacrifice yourself for love. Only it is not so. The selfish is not a man who takes advantage of others, not rude and not a motherfucker. A selfish person is someone who remembers that his needs are important.

Just enough.

I have the impression that a large proportion of women really need to hear something they have not heard at home. That they have the right to live as they want. That they do not owe anything to anyone. And that taking care of themselves does not make them a bad person. So let me tell you this: You have a right to all of this, and it’s better not only for you but for everyone.

Only theoretically, meeting women whose life goal is to do good to a man sounds great. In practice, there are more disadvantages. Than advantages and I bet Jack Daniels that not only. I will subscribe to each of the sentences below.

I do not want to get to know the standardized image of a woman who will blush at the same moments, say that she is not like all the others and will not write me the first text message, because “what will he think”.

Don’t want you to act like you thoughtlessly thought you should and then bill me for it saying, “I did it for you.” I don’t want a maid, a cleaner, a cook, a lady in the living room, and a hooker in the bedroom. I want a person who does what she wants.

If I wanted to have a cook,

I would consider it fairer to earn enough to hire her. As for my partner, I want her to do what she wants and not bend over for the relationship. Want? Then act like that. You do not want? Then don’t do that. Just don’t add the ideology that there are things you have to do, otherwise every guy will leave you. You know what? Fuck with him. Let it go. A relationship is not a place to compromise, and the worst thing you can do is trade yourself for someone else’s attention.

I don’t want you to diminish your achievements or sacrifice your plans for a higher goal. Because it’s not my dream to have a relationship painted by regret and loss. Want to know that you are with me, because you accept me. Not because the rash of wedding dresses. Appeared on your Facebook board, and my aunt said: “When will I dance at your wedding, Ewcia?”.

I don’t want your relationship to make you happy. Really prefer you to walk into it being happy.

I don’t want women around me who, before learning. Who they are, entered into a long relationship and instead learn. That without a guy by their side, they don’t exist. I do not want those who have been thinking about what a guy wants for so long that they have not thought about what they want on their own. What do they expect? How do they want to be treated? What kind of behavior will they never accept? Do they enjoy? What goals do they want to achieve completely for themselves to say, “Yes, I had a nice life”?

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Finally, I don’t want to meet women who read this list and say. “Ok, you don’t want to, but other men don’t think so.” These are excuses.

Everyone wants to have a beautiful relationship built on honesty and understanding. However, I have the impression that few people experience this. Usually we only get to know our masks. We touch them with gloves on for a while, and then walk away disappointed, deceived, and with the annoying knowledge that we’ve never really met.

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