Those new to the online dating scene should remember that flirt online is fun! Deep connections are formed through conversation, so learn how to be charismatic and conscientious online with these tips and meet someone special this year. Flirt; Jokingly showing someone you’re romantically attracted to is pretty straightforward face-to-face. Women twirl their hair and giggle like girls while men broaden their shoulders to emphasize their size, and we all know the intimate effect of prolonged eye contact. But how do we go about displaying this behind a computer screen?

According to Sean M. Horan Ph.D. in Psychology Today, “Flirting with people — and being flirted with — can make us feel good about ourselves.” This applies to both online and offline flirting – it’s an enjoyable experience that will make everyone involved feel safe and attractive.

Ultimately, finding a meaningful relationship with someone comes from a connection through conversation. You fall in love with someone’s intellect, wit and charm and this can all start online. Dating expert Kimberly Seltzer suggests that singles should ‘be fun, engage, look for clues in the profile, topics they want to talk about or share stories’ to start the conversation.


It’s a classic dating rule, and for good reason. If you want to follow the advice of the experts and enjoy flirting online, being yourself will increase your self-esteem and allow you to enjoy contact. In your EliteSingles profile, you are asked to describe yourself and what your partner should know about you. This is the first thing potential partners will find out about you, so take your time to make sure you’re really representing yourself: be honest.

A good tip to make the conversation feel as natural as possible is if you share a funny anecdote about something that happened to you that day. Keep the conversation fun and lighthearted to avoid the feeling of forced small talk.

2) Ask questions

It may seem obvious, but people love to talk about themselves. A good tip would be to find something that catches your eye on their profile, something that prompts you to message them in the first place and ask them about it. That way, you’ll not only give them a chance to talk about your interests and hobbies, but you’ll also show that you’ve paid attention to their profile and are genuinely interested in what they have to say.

It’s always good to start with a few questions to get a sense of his personality and gauge if he’s someone you could potentially be compatible with. It’s always a good idea to let your date talk about themselves; there is nothing better than talking about yourself with someone who is interested and involved.

3) Use your name

It may seem like a small gesture, but it is actually very helpful. Connecting with someone over a computer can be difficult, so its little notions like using your date’s name in a sentence that makes your contact seem more personal and more like the offline experience. Certainly, there is something more intimate about using someone’s name to enhance your closeness and participation in the conversation.

4) Give them a compliment

Let’s be honest, we all love compliments. It is the most effective way to make someone feel good about themselves and connect this feeling with you. That said, don’t use a compliment as an opening line; it can make your intentions questionable and you don’t want to give the wrong impression. Instead, present a compliment once you’ve already established a connection with someone. Learning to flirt online is also about making the other person feel comfortable.

Seltzer advises: ‘The more you come from a place of authenticity to start a conversation, the better off you are. That can also make the other person feel comfortable.’ Give them a real compliment: what attracted you to this person? What makes them stand out? Tell them and they’ll know it’s from a genuine place.

5) Be the one to end the conversation

Seltzer suggests when it comes to perfecting how to flirt online: “It’s about letting the person want to know more about you, but giving them enough to do that.” So, be the one to end the conversation and leave the other person wanting more. Mystery is one of the greatest forms of seduction: it leaves your date thinking of you after the conversation, wanting more. This heightens the excitement and intensifies the flirting!

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These tips will help you with your online flirting confidence, but ultimately, it’s not rocket science. Don’t think about it too much, enjoy it! Be honest, open and engaging and you are sure to impress and hopefully meet someone really cool. Then it’s time to get ready for that all-important first date!

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